Have you seen our series of interviews: The Trader’s Perspective Podcast?!

Well, we had the pleasure of hosting the Co-Founder of the Bitcoin Trade Group, an educational service for traders alike.

Mr TA aka as Matt @Trader_M4tt on Twitter was able to answer questions on a range of interesting topics, especially as he has a good amount of experience in trading in both traditional markets and cryptocurrency.

Interview Overview

One of the main topics we covered and was brought up many times across the interview as a whole, is the very important topic of emotions. Emotions play a huge role in trading and sometimes they can get the best of us; Matt discusses this further and provides his advice on coping with this. 

The Bitcoin Trade Group has an excellent support group on Discord and a mentoring system which could help you when you are struggling with your emotions. If you want to be a member of the group, please click here.

Self-awareness and self-care is also a major part of dealing with emotions in trading, Matt tells us. He also recommends some books including Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Be sure to check these books out, they could be of great help for traders who are looking to cope with their emotions better.

We also discussed how to cope when you have experienced a big loss and how to not let greed get the better of you; this again can all play into dealing with emotions.

Matt also covers how he got into the trading/crypto world, he came from a background in more traditional trading which he told us has definitely helped him out as he can now apply his previous knowledge into crypto trading.

Mr TA aka Matt also discusses his favourite trading strategies and talks more about the strategies he recommends when traders come to him for advice. In the Bitcoin Trade Group Matt works with two other partners and he said they all have very different strategies. You just have to find what is best for you and fits well into your lifestyle.

The Bitcoin Trade Group

Finally, we talked about Matt’s educational service, the Bitcoin Trade Group which sounds perfect for both new and old traders, who would like some mentoring to help them to become a more successful trader. 

Matt also tells us about the excellent support network they have at the BTG, for traders who would like the chance to chat with other traders, we all need help during tough times and trading can be a lonely world sometimes. This is a side of trading that probably is not talked about enough and it was a pleasure to be able to discuss this with Matt, and to hear the thoughts from someone who has a great deal of experience within the industry.

We hope you enjoyed this insightful interview and if you would like to follow Matt on Twitter, click here or check out the Bitcoin Trade Group here.
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